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ACCUNIQ BC380 Body Composition Analyser

The New Standard in Body Composition Analysis -the BC380 is a multi-frequency, whole body segmental Body Composition Analyzer. Accuniq BC380 delivers clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute. This cutting edge technology utilizes harmless, low -level frequencies to offer quick and easy body composition assessments through the LCD touch screen, printouts and client tracking software The result sheet displays an easy to read graphical analysis to help maintain healthy body composition and whole body health trending SPECIFICATIONS: Measurement Method Tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes Frequency Range5 , 50 , 250 kHz Measurement Area Whole Body Segmental Measurement (arms, legs, trunk) Result Sheet Data Body Composition Analysis (Weight, Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Protein Mass, Mineral Mass, Total Body Water) Skeletal Muscle to Fat Analysis (Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass) Obesity Analysis (Body Mass Index, Percentage Body Fat, Degree of Obesity, Abdominal Circumference) Abdominal Obesity Analysis (Waist Hip Ratio, Visceral Fat Level, Visceral Fat Area, Visceral Fat Mass) Cumulative Body Change Graph (Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Percentage ) Overall Evaluation (Body Type, Body age, Basal Metabolic Rate, Calories Required per day , Body Cell Mass, Total Score) Body Balance Assessment (Left and Right Upper Body, left and Right Lower Body) Weight Control Targets (Recommended Weight, Weight Control Value, Muscle Control Value, Fat Control Value) Extra Cellular Water Ratio. Body Fat Mass by Body area (Arms, Legs, Trunk) Impedance by Body Area and by Frequencies. Bloods Pressure when linked to BP Monitor. QR Code Paediatric Result Sheet Available Display7 inch wide colour LCD Touch Screen Transmission Device5 USB Ports, 2 RS-232C Ports, Wi-Fi (basic), Bluetooth (optional) Printing Device USB Port (printer designated by Manufacturer ), Thermal Printer (optional) Weight18Kgs Measurement Time Approx 30 seconds Meas

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