Adidas Shadow Boxing Gloves Now £37.99 TODAY ONLY at DeepBlue Fightwear


On the 4th day of Christmas, DeepBlue Fightwear gave to me… £5 off Adidas Shadow Boxing Gloves!

Yes, save £5 on the Adidas Shadow Boxing Gloves to pick them up for just £37.99, today only!

The Adidas Shadow Boxing Gloves are made from a high quality PU maya nubuck, a mesh finger area along with a full moisture wicking palm. The gloves include a 6.5cm retractable PU velcro elastic strap to allow a secure tight fit and are made with IMT Foam with integrated gel. The Adidas Shadow Boxing Gloves are a multi purpose glove; the 10oz and 12oz are perfect for pad work and bag work while the 14oz and 16oz are perfect for the bag/pad workouts and also sparring.

The gloves are discounted at checkout and you can find them on DeepBlue Fightwear.

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