Blitz Sport Launch BAD BREED End of Season SALE! Pick Up Bargain MMA Gloves, Thai Pads and BJJ Gi!


Blitz Sport, one of, if not, the UK’s largest martial arts equipment store have launched their Bad Breed End of Season sale and of course, that means bargains are to be had for all us martial artists!

Some of our highlights from the sale include:

Bad Breed Punish MMA GlovesNow £16.79 (was £39)
Bad Breed 7 Sins Legacy BJJ Gi (Black or White) – Now £70.80 (was £119.99)
Bad Breed Punish Leather Thai Pads (Pair)Now £38.40 (were £79.99)
Bad Breed 5ft Punch Bag (Unfilled)Now £47.99 (was £126.50)
Bad Breed Slaughter 7 Shin GuardsNow £20.39 (were £40)
Bad Breed Leather Head GuardNow £22.80 (was £40)
Bad Breed Havok Focus MittsNow £17.99 (were £29.99)

That’s not all the great Bad Breed items on special offer at Blitz Sport. Check them all out here!

There’s plenty of gear on offer for all martial artists who want to improve their cardio with some padwork, to spar with a training partner safely with head guards and shin guards in boxing or Muay Thai, and to roll with your grappling buddies at Jiu Jitsu in a tidy new Bad Breed BJJ gi.

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