Free Water Bottle With Haleo On Point and Aqua Red at Predator Nutrition

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Is getting trim, healthy and losing weight on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Well, British sports supplement retailer Predator Nutrition could help you with that.

Whilst stocks last, Predator Nutrition are offering a Free Haleo water bottle when you purchase fat burner Haleo On Point or joint supplement Haleo Aqua Red. You must use voucher code haleobottle at checkout to obtain the free water bottle with your purchase.

I think we all ate a little too much over the festive period, and we rightly deserve to indulge at this time of year. But as soon as the New Year starts, as it has done, the quest to get trim must be put into action. This is where Haleo’s fat burning product can help.

Haleo On Point is a clean way to shed those pounds, with green tea extracts and green coffee bean, providing a healthy way to lose weight, without the crash or jitters some other fat burning supplements cause. Supressing the appetite, Haleo On Point increases the release of the exercise-mimicking hormone, Irisin, increasing metabolism and overall calorie expenditure and helping to supress appetite. The supplement also contain a mild dose of caffeine stimulant, which is perfect for those who wish to stay away from strong stimulants.

While energy and fitness might not be a problem, joint pain from exercise may be. Haleo Aqua Red is the must-have supplement for those with joint problems, containing the all-important OMEGA-3 fatty acids which do not naturally occur within the body. Instead, we rely on obtaining them from our diet and Haleo Aqua Red’s Meg-3® Fish Oil and EKO™ Krill Oil from Antarctic Krill are the most trusted, natural sources of OMEGA-3 fatty acids. Not only will Haleo Aqua Red help with joint pain and arthritis, but the essential fatty acids contained within help speed up the metabolism which also helps with losing weight. This can also have a knock-on positive effect on your cardiovascular health, which fish oils are known to help improve.

Predator Nutrition offer free UK delivery on all orders over £20 and you can earn loyalty points on every purchase. Get your free Haleo water bottle today by using haleobottle at checkout on orders containing Haleo On Point or Haleo Aqua Red.

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