Half Price Training Pack at THE PROTEIN WORKS Until 19th June 2013!

Get the Training Pack from The Protein Works, containing 9 premium sports supplements, for half price when you use voucher code TRAIN50 at checkout until midnight Wednesday 19th June 2013. That means, instead of paying £79.91, you can get the pack for just £39.96!

The THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Training Pack is considered one of the most comprehensive packs in sports nutrition since it’s been scientifically formulated to cater for absolutely every type of athlete’s training regime whether strength, endurance, male or female. Plus it offers unrivalled value for money and contains a massive 9 products in total. But it’s not just the sheer quantity of products included within this pack that’s impressive but the quality too, as it contains such best sellers as the premium whey protein blend TPW™ 100% Whey Advanced and the potent performance enhancing RAZE™ Preworkout.

The Protein Works Training Pack contains:

TPW™ 100% WHEY ADVANCED (500g + flavour of your choice)
MILK PROTEIN 85 (500g + flavour of your choice)
CLA (120 caps)
i-SURGE (100g)

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