MET-RX Pure Creatine Now £9.95 at DeepBlue Supplements Until 6th May 2013


Are you looking for muscle gains and the ability to train for longer? The MET-RX Pure Creatine 700mg might just be what you’re looking for. For this week only, until midnight 6th May 2013, nutrition store DeepBlue Supplements have reduced them down to just £9.95 per tub of 240 capsules from the original price of £24.99.

If you are seeking muscle size, strength and power you could benefit from taking creatine. Anyone involved in strength and power-based sports – as well as regular gym users – will notice greater gains in both muscle size, strength and performance.

How creatine works MET-Rx Pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder increases the availability of cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Muscular contractions take place from the presence of ATP; therefore, an increase in creatine levels is thought to increase the force of muscle contractions. Creatine triggers the mechanisms of ATP by donating a phosphate ion to increase the availability of ATP. Thus, creatine claims to enhance physical performance by increasing energy and therefore delaying or minimising fatigue – adding to the amount of time spent training or working out.

MET-Rx Pure Creatine – Laboratory tested MET-Rx Pure Creatine Powder is derived from the purest, highest quality creatine monohydrate available, certified to be a minimum of 99% by laboratory highperformance liquid chromatography (HPLC), which analyses chromatographic separation, identification and quantification.

More Muscle With MET-Rx Pure Creatine Creatine can bind water to the muscle, giving an athlete a more muscular appearance. Competitive bodybuilders should drop Creatine supplementation one to two weeks prior to a show to insure maximum definition and vascularity. When supplementing with creatine sufficient fluid should consumed.

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