Muay Thai Liniment Oil Now £6.50 at DeepBlue Fightwear Until 21st April


If you train in Muay Thai, or any martial art for that matter, one thing you must have in your cupboard is Muay Thai Liniment Oil, to help soothe those post-training aches and pains. It just so happens that DeepBlue Fightwear have it on special offer at the moment, where you can pick up a 120ml of Muay Thai Liniment Oil for £6.50 (was £7.99) until midnight Sunday 21st April 2013.

Whenever you attend any muay thai gym or event you will always be able to smell this oil. It is great for relaxing massages and sports massages for injuries. It is a deep soothing sensation much like the similar smelling tiger barm which is just an even stronger type of thai massage oil.

Fighters also use this before fighting as well as after training. It is used on fight days because it will help relax any tense muscle from any old injury as well as the smell has the additional side effect of waking you up. It is used after training to help sooth muscle and injuries.

Even a small bottle will last a long time as only a small amount is used each time. For personal use a bottle may last several yaers depending on frequency of use and number of injuries.

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