New Whey Flavour Launched and New Discount Voucher Codes at BULK POWERS Until 2nd December 2013


Last Thursday, British supplement company BULK POWDERS launched a new Pure Whey Protein flavour – White Chocolate.  The milkybar flavour is flying out of the warehouse, with BULK POWDERS one of the only companies in the UK to sell the flavour.


Alongside the White Chocolate whey protein, BULK POWDERS have also launched Xylitol, Calcium + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K1 Capsules and Vitamin B12 Capsules this week.

BULK POWDERS Xylitol is a natural, great-tasting, sugar-free sweetener that provides the perfect alternative to regular sugar and other synthetic sweeteners. Xylitol powder contains approximately 40% less calories than sugar and has a Glycemic Index value of only 7; versus that of regular table sugar at 65 -100. This rating ensures Xylitol can be consumed with next to no rise in blood glucose levels and keeps you fuller for longer. Xylitol is also said to be good for teeth. It restores pH levels and aids calcium absorption; helping to reduce tooth decay and potentially reverse dental issues. Xylitol is available from £2.49 for 100g.

With Calcium + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K1 Capsules 1000mg, BULK POWDERS have combined 3 of the most popular bone health nutrients into one convenient capsule! Each ingredient has been included in not only its most effective format, but also at its most effective dose. Optimal bone health is extremely important to those who train regularly – particularly weightlifters and powerlifters, but also to anyone who exercises or plays sport on a regular basis; as even this places bones under a large amount of stress. They are available from £7.99 in 90 caps or from £19.99 for 270 caps.

Finally, Vitamin B12 Tablets from BULK POWDERS are powerfully dosed; containing an impressive 1000mcg of pharmaceutical grade Vitamin B12 available. Vitamin B12 is a member of the water soluble B Vitamin group and promotes a number of benefits, including: contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue; contributing to normal red blood cell formation; contributing to normal function of the immune system and contributing to normal energy yielding metabolism. Vitamin B12 caps are available from £4.99 for 60.


Where would we be without BULK POWDERS’ weekly voucher codes? There’s plenty of special offers to take advantage of this week. Take a look below!

  • Get 20% off all Fish Oils when you use voucher code FO20 at checkout until 2nd December 2013
  • Get 15% off all Sleep Enhancement supplements when you use voucher code SLEEP15 at checkout until 2nd December 2013
  • Get 10% off Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Advanced when you use voucher code PWA10 at checkout until 2nd December 2013
  • Get FREE Original Biltong 100g on orders over £20 when you use voucher code BIL20 at checkout until 2nd December 2013
  • Get FREE 2.5kg Ultra Fine Scottish Oats on orders over £25 when you use voucher code OAT25 at checkout until 2nd December 2013
  • And for new customers, get £5 off £25+ spend using voucher code NEW5 or get £10 off £50+ spend using voucher code LDP10.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to BULK POWDERS now.

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