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MMA & BJJ Rash Guards

Rash guards are stretchy tops, available in short sleeve or long sleeve, that can be worn on their own or underneath a uniform, such as a BJJ gi, when attending training practice or competition. Rash guards are most popular in MMA gyms and grappling clubs, particularly those who train no-gi BJJ.

Rash guards are meant to be tight fitting and act like a second skin to wick moisture away from your upper body when training. They can also prevent mat burns and from making skin-on-skin contact with other students which can help to limit the spread of any skin infections.

Rash guards come in a variety of designs with some plain and simple whilst others boast fully sublimated illustrations. Some suppliers also provide custom rash guards bearing your own logo or designs for your club or if you simply fancy a unique rashguard to compete in.

Different brands of rash guards fit better than others so it's best to check size measurements and find a brand that suits your shape. Some BJJ rash guards also feature a rubber strip on the inside of the hem to help prevent the rash guard from riding up when rolling, whilst some others have known to feature mesh panels to help breathability.

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