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Protein Dynamix DynaPro™ Mousse Chocolate Brownie 750g

Looking for a different way of packing in that protein, and one you can truly enjoy? Our DynaPro™ Mousse is what you need. It’s a soft luxurious mousse that has slow release protein to help towards supporting the maintenance and growth of your muscle mass. The DynaPro™ Mousse was designed to provide you with a slow releasing supply of protein through the development of the unique DynaPro™ Sustain Complex. This complex combines Calcium Caseinate and Milk Protein Concentrate to allow for the protein to be released over a period of time. This happens in the digestive system, where amino acids find their way to the muscles over a longer period of time to help manage positive protein synthesis (when muscle fibres grow). It is great to have this mousse in between meals or before bed. Why? Well, the advantage to this formula is that it gets working while you sleep. After all, that is when your muscles develop and become bigger and stronger - they don’t actually do this while you are working out. This sustained supply of protein becomes recognised as the building blocks of muscle tissue. The body only needs protein to be fast acting when it is being used for exercising; the rest of the time protein is needed at a slower rate, to help keep protein synthesis working at a steady level and for all muscles to be continuously fed amino acids between meals. Our mousse not only incorporates a great amount of protein, but it’s also packed with Vitamin C, 200mg in fact, which is renowned for maintaining normal immune function after exercise. This helps to lowers the chances of a catabolic state (where the muscle starts to waste away) and helps to improve and further increase net protein balance - resulting in muscles becoming bigger. Q&A What is the DynaPro™ Mousse good for? Helping to support the maintenance and growth of your muscles, thanks to being packed full of slow release protein. Can I substitute a main meal for this? No this should be eaten as a treat or inbetween meals for a healthy protein snack. Will I put on weight by eating DynaPro™ Mousse? You may put on weight in the form of muscle mass as this is a slow releasing protein product helping to sustain the growth and maintenance of your muscles. Should I eat this at certain times of the day? We suggest eating this as an evening treat before bed, or between meals as a healthy, slow release protein snack. Can I eat too much in one go? All dosage instructions are on the packaging and we wouldn’t recommend eating more than the recommended daily amount.

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