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Total Test contains some of the most advanced bodybuilding ingredients currently available including Zinc & Magnesium for the maintenance of normal growth compound levels. Total Test contains a massive 3000mg daily dose of D-Aspartic Acid, one of the most exciting 'T' boosting products in sports nutrition. One study found this exact dosage rate significantly increased growth compounds after just 12 days of supplementation. This complete formula also contains a number of exciting herb extracts including Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek and MACA which are all used extensively in bodybuilding to promote growth compound levels (free and total). Tribulus in particular has been one of the most talked about extracts within strength and power training for the last few decades. This ground breaking 'T' boosting supplement has been designed to support the requirements of those taking part in high intensity, high volume training with the intention of building solid muscle mass. The unique and powerful combination of scientifically researched ingredients brings together the most potent dosage rates in one easy to use supplement. With proven ingredients like Zinc, Total Test can contribute to the maintenance of normal growth compound levels in the blood. Healthy growth compound levels are clearly crucial for anyone looking to promote muscle growth, allowing for greater levels of energy and performance in strength and power training. This truly potent supplement has been designed with your ultimate results in mind and maximise your genetic potential. Taken as part of a high intensity training routine and precision diet plane, we know Total test will push you all the way to help you #BeYourBest

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