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Focus pads, or focus mitts or hook and jab pads as they are also known as, are a great piece of training equipment that allows you to practice your strikes. Lighter than striking shields and thai pads, focus mitts slip on the hands like a glove and can be held easily by the trainer whilst the fighter practices their punches, uppercuts and hooks. Due to the easy handling, light weight and fit, the focus mitts can be moved quickly, allowing for the fighter to increase their striking speed. Focus pads are usually available in synthetic leather and the slightly more expensive, durable leather, as well as a variety of sizes including small, standard and long. Some brands, such as Sandee and Fairtex, also make curved focus mitts which fit the curvature of the hand much better, making for a more comfortable fit for the coach or trainer who may be holding the mitts for extended periods of time.

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