Sometimes it's hard to find a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ladies BJJ gi on the market, but here at Shop4 Martial Arts you can find women's BJJ kimonos in one place. Female cut BJJ gi's tend to have shorter sleeves and a fitted body compared to the usual unisex Brazilian Jiu Jitsu suits. The sizes of women's BJJ gi are usually marked by F, eg: F1, F2. The ladies cut BJJ Gi's also start smaller than the unisex gi's, catering for shorter women. Make sure to check out our BJJ Gi size guide to work out what size you may need.

Women's BJJ Gis From Top Brands

Many of the leading jiu-jitsu brands now produce a women's gi collection to go along side their standard sizing. With a range of designs available, from a plain gi with very few patches or embroidery, to more ornate gis, some of which may feature feminine touches and use of colour, such as pinks and purples, women's BJJ gis are a dedicated alternative to generic unisex BJJ gis but of no lesser quality. Most gi jackets produced by the top brands are pearlweave whilst the pants are cotton twill or ripstop though this isn't the case for all. Make sure to check each individual product's description to find out what the uniform is made from. Some women's BJJ gi also come with a white belt but this will be stated in the product description.

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