How To Train Like Ronda Rousey


She’s starred in Hollywood blockbusters, World Wrestling Entertainment and certainly isn’t the kind of gal you’d like to run into in a dark alley. The reason? Ronda Rousey continues to be undefeated in the MMA, excelling her way up through the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the women’s bantamweight category.

While Rousey may be getting into banter-filled spats with Shaquille O’Neal, she’s also putting all her time into focusing on her forthcoming fight against Bethe Correia at UFC 190 on Saturday 1st August. Certainly, experts at will be advising spectators to back Rousey when the markets open, but just how has she risen to the status of undefeated Women’s Champion? If you want to train like Rousey, check out some of her best tips.

Prepare to put in the hours
Being an MMA champion doesn’t come easily, and Rousey, 28, readily admits that she “only rests two or three weeks throughout the year.” In an interview with Fitness Magazine, she said: “The rest of the time I’m working. But the anticipation for the fight can actually be more insane. I love the training and fighting, but waiting for it to happen makes me crazy!”

Experiment with a variety of techniques
One fatal error that most trainers make is not varying their exercise schedule enough. After all, doing too much of the same thing can cause your muscles to get used to the same process, which in turn impairs muscle growth and slows progress. For Rousey, exercise can take many different forms, from judo, wrestling and strength conditioning to even Pilates. Try to vary your routine to feel the same benefits.

Utilise the tools you have available to you
While many of us can benefit from simply using our own bodies for strength, there is certainly no reason to discount the tools you may have available at your disposal in the gym. In Ronda’s workout routine, she likes to use medicine balls, free weights and exercise balls to get the most out of her exercise. For example, one of Ronda’s favourites is the medicine ball plyo push up, which involves press ups from a ball rather than the floor, helping to strengthen the core muscles.

Obviously, getting a body like Ronda Rousey isn’t going to happen overnight, but if you want to get yourself into better shape, and even fight like a champion, you’ll certainly go far with these tips.

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