When sparring in class, be it boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or MMA, it’s important to protect your head from injury, as a serious blow to the head could impact your whole life. The best way to prevent such injury and to spar in the safe knowledge of having some protection, is by wearing a boxing head guard. There are two types of head guards available on the market: open-face (also known as semi-face), which covers the head but leaves the face exposed, and full face, which provides the same protection but with added padding at the chin and cheeks. In this particular review, we’ll be taking a look at the Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Semi-Face Head Guard.

blitz-open-face-head-guard-sideThe CE Approved and Tested Blitz Sport Semi Face Head Guard is made from a soft leather that is quite smooth to touch and does not rub aggressively against the skin. The head guard provides plenty of padding to the sides of the head and on top of the head, with extra padding at the forehead, side cheeks and temple. The head guard decoration is quite simple, with white BLITZ text printed on the forehead and the back of the headguard. Two finger-sized holes are present at the side of the headguard around the ear and the top of the headguard is shaped like a cross to allow the head to breathe whilst the head guard is in use and to allow for a secure fit for different shaped and sized heads. The head guard is double stitched at prone points and hemmed to create smooth edges, though some parts like the side holes and chin strap could have been finished a little better.

blitz-open-face-headguard-back-velcroThe Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Open Face head guard features a three-piece velcro section at the back to securely fasten the headguard onto your head to prevent slipping when sparring. A narrow chin strap utilises velcro and loop to fasten comfortably under the chin. The Blitz Sport open face headguard feels great, but can it stand up to punishment when sparring?

blitz-open-face-head-guard-backThe answer is “Yes”. Having used the headguard myself and being quite pleased with its protection, I visited my local Japanese Ju Jitsu club, Leigh Ju Jitsu, to let my fellow training partners use the headguard and give their verdict on whether they felt protected or not. Sensei Alan (5th Dan) used it whilst sparring against Sensei Jonathan (1st Dan) and then later, purple belt Gary used the head guard to protect himself against an onslaught of powerful punches to the forehead from the stronger, taller and heavier, Sensei Alan. The head guard does not 100% completely absorb the punches, but subdues them so the effect is minimal on the user. Without the proper padded protection which the Blitz Sport Open Face Head Guard provides, Gary would have been K.O’d after the first couple of punches.

Comfortable, easy to wear, with a velcro chin strap and rear fastener to ensure a proper fit, means the Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Semi-Face Headguard is a suitable head guard for use in contact martial arts when sparring.

The Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Semi Face Head Guard is available in black, red, pink and blue, in sizes medium and large.

Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Open-Face Headguards are available for £35.99 from Blitz Sport
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