There’s nothing quite like sparring, be it in mixed martial arts or other traditional martial arts. The pure adrenaline of ‘competition’ and being able to test your knowledge of techniques on the spot with an opponent makes for a well-rounded game, not to mention it gives a great cardiovascular workout. I love to attend my local Ju Jitsu club on a Sunday afternoon to spar stand up and ground grappling with my martial arts brothers and sisters, where we trade punches, kicks and search for submissions on the ground in rounds which can last up to 5 minutes. When sparring, we couldn’t do without our MMA gloves – martial arts gloves which protect your fists and your opponent when exchanging strikes, but unlike boxing gloves, MMA gloves can still be used efficiently when the fight is taken to the mat for ground grappling.

In this review, we’re taking a look at the Firepower MMA Gloves, created by British martial arts equipment giant, Blitz Sport. These red 10.5 ounce MMA gloves are constructed from soft leather, hemmed with black stitched leather trim. Unlike my pair of leather Sandee 4oz MMA gloves,  the Blitz Sport Firepower MMA Gloves are quite flexible to wear straight out of the bag.  Though they aren’t the competition weight 4 oz MMA gloves, the Firepower MMA Gloves have extra padding which is well-suited for training with at the gym with your fellow students and may be acceptable in amateur club competitions, dependent on their rules.

You can purchase two types of fingerles MMA gloves – those with a thumb and those without. This model do not have a thumb and I must say, I prefer the lack of thumb sleeve  which allows a better range of movement and ease when gripping your opponent for those all important chokes and takedowns.

The Firepower MMA gloves are extremely well padded on the back of the hands, knuckles, finger joints and wrist to prevent injury. The wrist pad is actually part of the extra-long velcro fastener which wraps around the wrist twice before it is fully fastened, which is a contrast to the usual single wrap fasteners of  MMA gloves. I like the extra wrapping, that the gloves provide. They feel much more secure and velcro fasten each time a lap of the wrist is made. When fitted, you only need to unwrap the fastener once to slide your hand out, so fastening can be quick and easy as the single fastening gloves if need be.

The back of the MMA gloves feature a printed ‘FIREPOWER FULL CONTACT’ print, including a little fist, in black and white which stands out nicely on the red gloves. The subtle design looks pretty neat and a Blitz Firepower patch is stiched onto the rounded wrist strap.

With a soft, comfortable lining and stitched construction, these are a superb pair of training MMA gloves for sparring or even training on the punch bag or focus pads with a partner. They are a great glove to protect my hands  whilst I practice strikes such as my jab, cross, hook, uppercuts and palm strikes on the bag.

The Firepower MMA gloves are available in three colours – yellow/black, red/black or black. They are a fantastic pair for those looking for a pair of heavier MMA gloves at an excellent budget price and can be used straight out of the packet with no issues or time needed to break them in.

Firepower MMA gloves can be purchased from Blitz Sport for £22.46

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