Budo Jake and JT Torres BJJ DVDs Now In Stock at BudoVideos


A range of new BJJ instructional DVDs are now in stock at BudoVideos, the premier store in the U.S. for martial arts instructional DVDs, on-demand contentand BJJ and MMA apparel.

Passing, Back Takes & Finishes 4 DVD Set with JT Torres will unleash the secrets that have allowed JT Torres to pass, take the back and submit higher-leveled opponents in competition. Now available at BudoVideos.com, the “Passing, Back Takes & Finishes” 4 DVD Set with JT Torres is on sale for $97.

For those learning how to invert, Going Upside Down: A Beginner’s Guide to Inverting for BJJ DVD by Budo Jake is now on sale for only $39.95! In this DVD, Budo Jake teaches the basics of inverting for BJJ in a way that most instructors cannot. With his vast training experience, Jake shows a variety of drills that will be make any student become more comfortable with inverting, improve guard recovery and have more fun with jiu-jitsu training.

if you’re looking for training equipment, then this product will be just for you. Take your ground game to the next level with Combat X Trainer. Perfect for anyone serious about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, the Combat x Trainer offers the ability to practice BJJ techniques and realistic ground striking for MMA. The Combat X Trainer is on sale for $179 and qualifies for free ground shipping in the U.S.

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