Century Arashi Freestanding Punch Bags Arrive at Made4Fighters

Century Arashi Freestanding Bags

The Century Arashi Freestanding Punch Bags have arrived at British fightstore, Made4Fighters.

The chunky Century Arashi 770 Hybrid Bag is an impressive looking freestanding bag with grab handles on the top for you to be able to throw those knees with purpose. Standing at 175cm with a diameter of 48cm, the Hybrid bag can take the barrage of elbows, knees, kicks and strikes, and you can even take it to the ground for takedowns, throws and the ol’ ground-n-pound!

The Century Arashi 110 Recoil Bag is much leaner in appearance and is more suited for those looking to improve their hand-eye coordination and hand speed with the bag bouncing back quickly after each strike.

Both freestanding bags come with an empty base which can be filled with either water or sand to weight it down into place.

Unsure if this is right for you? Check out our guide to the various types of punch bags.

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