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As every woman who does sports or works out knows, wearing the correct bra, that will give you the right support during exercise, is paramount. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Lonsdale Crop Top sports bra.

When buying bras, its always a hassle to see whether the sizes run up the same as the ones you usually wear. With Lonsdale Crop Top sports bra, the sizes appear to run pretty standard, with me taking the same size of sports bra as my usual day-to-day bras.

With its sleek design, the Lonsdale Crop Top sports bra has elasticated straps that are non-adjustable, something which I prefer. To me, they fit better than adjustable strap bras and not having the adjuster means one less thing to rub against your skin.

The breast section of the bra is split into two fabrics: one which is a soft, stretchy jersey cotton and the other a lightweight, soft mesh, both of which are lined with soft, synthetic material. The material is comfortable against the skin and does not cause chafing. When looking to purchase sports bras, particularly when doing sports where you’re going to sweat and move around a lot, being comfortable is the most important factor and the Lonsdale Crop Top sports bra does the job.


Unlike fully-elasticated sports bras, which are usually my preference, the Lonsdale Crop Top has a triple hook single clasp fastener system, just like your normal casual wear bras do. This is to tighten the bra around the chest if you happen to be inbetween sizes, but from my experience, the bra fits very well and I just hook it onto the end clasp.

wearing-lonsdale-crop-topWhilst the bra is pretty comfortable to wear, I have found that the aforementioned clasps can sometimes dig into my back, leaving scratches in its wake, should I be training my ground game. This can prove pretty uncomfortable, so I choose to wear this particular bra underneath my gi where it shouldn’t be pressed against too much. When I do no-gi, I opt for my all-elastic USA Pro sports bra to ensure the Lonsdale one doesn’t irritate.

Like anything that involves fitting by placing over your head, sports bras need to be elasticated and stretchy enough to do so without dislocating your joints in the process. I have no trouble with the Lonsdale Crop Top bra. It easily slips over my head and is quite fitting but not constricting, making for a comfortable experience when doing ju-jitsu or down the gym.

The design of the bra is quite subtle, but it works very well. The Lonsdale London logo is embroidered onto the left breast whilst the super stretchy chestband hem under the bust features the Lonsdale lion all around the chest and back. Depending on the colour you buy, this section of the bra might be colour contrasted, eg: black bra with pink chestband and embroidery. The racer back of the bra is plain except for a cut out just above the back fastener. The product label is concealed inside the left side of the bra, so there’s no worries about it being exposed.

Made from 96% cotton, 4% lycra/elastane and with the mesh and lining consisting of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane, the bra washes fine at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

For the money, you really cannot argue with this bra. Available online or instore at Sports Direct for a measly £6 (RRP £22.99), the Lonsdale Crop Top bra is available in sizes 32-38, cup size B-E, and a range of colours including black, pink, marl grey, orange, mint and white.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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    • Hi Emma, glad you found the review informative! 🙂
      I’ve had mine quite a while now (a year at least) and they wash well. The quality of the bra is still great and there’s no real signs of wear, no rips or anything like that, so I’d imagine they’d last quite a while. I’ve got a couple of pairs of them and they’re both the same. Hang dry them and they’re fine.

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