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It is a fact of life for women that when training in martial arts, at the gym or partaking in a sport, we need to batten down the bosoms. Fortunately for us, a special type of bra is available on the market that keeps ’em in place for such occasions, called the sports bra.

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at one of the latest apparel items from womens martial arts and fitness brand Bad Girl: the Bad Girl Sports Bra.

Bad Girl Sports Bra Design and Fit

bad-girl-sports-bra-frontWhen buying sports bras, there are two main things that factor into a quality purchase: fit and design. It’s no good having a good looking bra if it’s uncomfortable to wear. Bad Girl needn’t worry about this issue as the Bad Girl Sports Bra ticks both quality comfort and design boxes enthusiastically.

The Bad Girl Sports bra is made from stretchy 92% polyester, 8% spandex which is really soft on the skin and to touch. Black in design with blue marl trim and matching blue stitching really makes the bra stand out. To add the finishing touch, ‘Bad Girl’ metallic silver script is screenprinted across the chest of the bra, creating an eye-catching design from the black base colour.

The Bad Girl Sports Bra has nice wide straps that give greater support on the shoulders, with a racer style back. The chest band at the base of the bra is rather thick compared to other bras – 1.25 inches, in fact. The thicker chest band is still as comfortable to wear as the thinner ones, but the thicker band of this bra is ideal for those women with a bigger chest that need that extra support underneath the bust.

Some sports bras have a hook and clip fastener like normal bras, but the Bad Girl Sports Bra has no fastener, just a stretchy chest band as previously mentioned. I always prefer these types of bras, the ones without fasteners, as sometimes when grappling the fastener can dig into my skin and scratch my back. The Bad Girl Sports Bra doesn’t have this problem as it has no fasteners to irritate the skin. The chest band is elasticated enough to give a fitted feel when wearing it and stretches to allow you to slip it over your head and shoulders, just like a crop top.

bad-girl-sports-bra-backOne of the things that annoys me about bras is the fabric content label, as usually it’s put in a place that itches and irritates the skin. Bad Girl have made the wise decision to print the fabric content and washing instructions at the inside neck of the bra, leaving the bra itself label-free.

With a 36 inch chest and usually wearing size 12 ladies tops, I opted for the Medium size Bad Girl Sports Bra and it fits a treat, allowing me to exercise and train with unrestricted movement when striking, throwing training partners and grappling on the ground.

When it comes to washing the bra, the washing instructions printed on the inside advise that the bra be washed at 40 degrees and dried separately, as the colour may transfer or bleed when damp.

Overall Opinion

Securely and neatly stitched both inside and out, the Bad Girl Sports Bra is a fantastic, well-made comfortable bra that is suitable for both the smaller and bigger busted woman. If you like to keep fit, be it training in martial arts like myself, or maybe down the gym, dance studio or jogging, this bra will keep you secure and comfortable with all the support you’ll need and expect from a sports bra. The addition of the blue marl and silver grey script adds a bit of pizzazz to make it not only a practical sports bra, but a trendy looking one too.

Rating: ★★★★★

The Bad Girl Sports Bra is available in four different colour ways: Black/Blue, Black/Pink, Charcoal/Blue and Charcoal/Pink and is priced at £16.99, available in sizes X-Small to Large.

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