Top 10 Xmas Stocking Fillers for Martial Artists For £10 and Under

It’s that time of year – the Christmas Tree is erected, the turkey is bought and then you have to start on the Xmas pressies! Well, do not fear, for we’ve got 10 top ideas for stocking fillers for the martial artist in your life and all are for under £10.

Bad Boy Knee Pads

Bad Boy Knee Pads
When grappling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling or MMA, you can put a lot of strain on the knees due to the time spent on them. These Bad Boy Knee Pads are an ideal aid to help prevent injury, allowing you to train for longer. Cheapest price £9.99 from Sports Direct – find more prices here

Shock Doctor Anti-Bacterial Gum Shield Case
We all know how important it is to keep our gum shields clean, before and after use, so why not get a Shock Doctor Anti-Bacterial case to keep it nice and fresh. The case is ventilated to promote fast drying and has a carabiner clip so you can easily attach it to your workout/gym bag. Cheapest price £7 from DeepBlue Fightwear

Hayabusa Handwraps
Boxing Handwraps

Everyone who trains with gloves, be it boxing, muay thai or even just MMA padwork, is better wearing hand wraps under their gloves to protect the hands from injury. Handwraps start from around £2.99 and come in variety of colours, brands and lengths. These Hayabusa handwraps are £9.50 from Sugar Rays. Find more handwraps under £10.


Bad Boy ‘Contender’ Boxer Shorts
Keep the family jewels safe and stylish with these trendy Bad Boy boxer shorts, available in black, grey and red. £8.99 each from MMA Apparel and £9.00 from MMA Streetwear. Available in red, black and grey.


Title Sports Bra

Ladies Sports Bra
This one is for all the female atheletes out there. Give yourself some proper support when training with a sports bra from Title, USA Pro or Caged Steel. Starting from £2.50


Martial Arts Inspired T-Shirts
There’s tons of T-shirts available for martial arts fans, whether it’s BJJ tees from Tatami, MMA inspired t-shirts from Tapout and Dethrone, or boxing from Ampro and Everlast. Clothes are always a welcomed gift, providing they’re not a Christmas jumper!


Blitz Sport Wooden Nunchaku
Blitz Sport Black Wooden Nunchaku 12″
Which martial artist WOULDN’T want a pair of nunchaku for Xmas? These bad boys look the business and have plenty of grip on the handles, with a secure metal chain connecting via ball bearing. £7.81 from Blitz Sport


Supplement Shaker and Water Bottle Set
For someone who trains, be it at the gym or a martial arts club, why not buy them a sports supplement shaker and water bottle set, like this one from Bad Boy? The recipient can then enjoy their favourite whey protein shake and keep well hydrated during training. Cheapest price £5.99 from DeepBlue Fightwear


Pure Protein Bars

Pure Protein Bars x 6
This deliciously sinful protein bar is two layers of pure high protein indulgence that gives you over 15 essential nutrients including 10 Percent of your daily requirement for Calcium. The tasty way to snack this Xmas! Cheapest price £8 from PHD Fitness. Find more price here


Isostar Hydrate and Peform

Isostar – Hydrate and Perform Drink
Isostar Hydrate & Perform Drink provides your body with the carbohdyrates and fluids it needs to perform at it’s best. During periods of intense exercise, fluid is excreted from the body quickly leading to dehydration while increased energy output leads to feelings of fatigue and a need for longer recovery time. With Isostar Hydrate & Perform Drink you can help to reduce recovery time and ensure that your body performs at it’s very best! Exactly what you need to help your get through these dark, winter months. Available for £8.99 from Thrive Active in Orange or Lemon flavour.

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