Stretching Exercises For Lower Back Pain That Work!

Stretching exercises for lower back pain

If you do any kind of martial art, sooner or later you’re going to suffer from aches and pains. There’s even a joke that anyone who says they aren’t suffering from an injury or some type of pain clearly doesn’t train hard enough. Whilst most injuries and pain can be dealt with by quietly soldiering through, taking some painkillers or slapping some tiger balm on the aching limb, there’s others that simply niggle and make life that bit difficult.

Earlier this year, I started to suffer from lower back pain, towards the middle of my lower back, right above my buttocks. If I put my hands on my waist above my hips, the pain was where my thumbs sat. Almost in two places – left and right side. The pain was so noticeable that I had trouble sleeping at night because of it and it would keep me awake. This went on for weeks.

I was recommended to watch a video by Jeff Cavaliere, a pro athlete physical therapist and strength coach, who has a YouTube account under the moniker, Athlean-X, which is his training programme. His exercises and stretches for lower back pain in this particular video had garnered such positive reviews in the comment section that I hoped it would do me similar wonders.

In the video, Jeff explains where the pain is and what causes it, and shows three different stretching exercises that strengthens the glute medius, what causes the lower back pain: one stood up against the wall, one lying down on the floor on your side, and one using a kettlebell called the ‘sack swing’. I didn’t have a kettlebell to hand, so just did the stand up and lying down one, and it immediately alleviated the pain to allow me a good night’s sleep. After two days of doing the exercises, the pain had vanished completely!

It’s amazing that Jeff is giving away this information so freely on YouTube and changing people’s lives as a result. Having suffered for over two weeks, I feared I’d have to seek medical help which usually results in medication, which I didn’t want, or I would need to see a physio over it. Granted, many people endure months and even years of pain, but I didn’t want to have to deal with that as it was also impacting my training. However, Jeff’s advice and exercises solved my lower back pain. I even do them now to keep my lower back strengthened and hopefully keep any future pain at bay.

So if you’re suffering from lower back pain above your bum, definitely watch this video in case these stretches can relieve you of the pain.

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