If you’re like me, not only am I learning a martial art to keep fit and learn a new skill, but also to possess the knowledge and ability to defend myself should the situation ever call for it.

In Atemi Ju-Jitsu, we concentrate on striking vital points, takedowns and locks, and should you be carrying a kubotan key ring on your person, it can be used to great effect to protect yourself and enhance your self defence technique to make it more effective.

Made in Taiwan, the Blitz Sport Kubotan Keyring comes in two styles: flat-ended and tapered end, and whilst the tapered end will have a much dangerous attack due to its point, both styles can be used effectively to self-defend.

As seen in the video below, demonstrated by 5th Dan Sensei Alan Francis on 1st Dan Sensei Jonathan Francis of Leigh Ju-Jitsu, the Blitz Sport kubotan keyring can be held in the hand with a firm grasp to strike the front and side of the throat, groin, temple and various other points. The kubotan key ring can even be dug on the inside bridge of the nose near the eye for a painful takedown. Gripped by both hands, the kubotan key ring can be used to enforce enhanced pressure wrist locks and placed under the nasal septum for takedowns.

At 5.5 inches (14cm) in length and weighing 75 grams, it is a large attachment on anyones set of keys but for a martial arts practitioner, it’s a useful keyring to carry with you.

The metal Blitz Sport kubotan key ring has a keyring loop already fixed through the end, so the only thing you need to do is to attach your keys.

Like with all martial arts weapons, care should be taken when learning different uses, strikes and techniques with the kubotan, as too much force will certainly inflict injury onto your training partner.

Rating: ★★★★★

The Kubotan Key Rings are available for £3.58 each from

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