Where To Get Nunchucks?


Nunchucks, or nunchaku as they are traditionally known as, are an Okinawan martial arts weapon derived from a farming mechanism. Rising into popular culture by Bruce Lee, nunchucks are the most popular martial arts weapon today.

But where to get nunchucks? In the UK, the largest supplier of nunchaku are Blitz Sport, who specialise in wooden nunchucks, foam nunchaku and telescopic nunchucks.

The foam nunchucks are constructed with two foam handles connected by a string chain, rather than their wooden counterpart that is mostly seen to use a metal chain. Beginners are advised to start with the foam nunchaku to learn the technique without injuring themselves. If you’re like me and prefer to dive straight into the real thing, the wooden nunchaku are the way to go. I actually owned a pair of metal telescopic nunchaku before a wooden pair of nunchucks and the difference in weight is fairly obvious, however both hurt as much when you accidentally miss and hit your funny bone 😉 (which really isn’t funny, trust me!)

Like anything, to master the nunchucks you need to practice. The nunchaku can be used in martial arts to trap, attack, disarm opponents and choke.

Nunchucks are an affordable martial arts weapon and are available to buy from Blitz Sport however you must provide I.D. to prove that you are over the age of 18 to purchase them.

Save 10% on your nunchucks order at Blitz Sport with our exclusive voucher code BLITZFT. Simply copy the code and paste it in the ‘Coupon code’ box in your basket prior to checkout for the discount to apply. The voucher expires 31st December 2015.


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