Fighters Only Red Splatter Hoodie Review


From the first time I saw the Fighters Only Red Splatter Hoodie online, I knew I had to have it. Branded with Fighters Only magazine logo, the black stripes and splatters on the red base of the hoodie looked the business and as a fan of colours red and black anyway, I ordered it.


Design of the Hoodie

The Fighters Only Splatter Hoodie features a bold red base with black stripes on the body and sleeves, and dark (verging on black) splatter print on the right sleeve and back of the hoodie. The front of the hoodie has Fighters Only text on the front and in red on the splatter on the back. The hoodie is zip fronted with a metal zipper that is a diamond shaped symbol logo of Fighters Only, a logo which is also replicated as a silver and black stitched applique on the right breast and repeated in gold, red, silver and black as an applique on the top of the left sleeve. The hoodie also features silver and black embroidered detail in the form of a kicking man on the right pocket as well as a Fighters Only embroidered text logo on the top of the right sleeve.

To finish the slick, edgy appearance, the hoodie comes with a black hood which has a cotton lining (the rest of the hoodie is not lined) and features extra long, flat, red drawstrings, whilst the rest of the hoodie has a rough, unfinished look above the hem and cuffs.


Size and Fit

As a small lass at 5’2″ and weighing around 9 stone, I ordered the Size Small hoodie. When it arrived, it was slightly bigger than I had anticipated but this turned out okay as I’ve been uesd to wearing bigger hoodies as most are made for men’s size Small rather than womens. The sleeves are a little on the long side for my shorter arms but I like the length of the hoodie wich comes well past the hips and covers half of my backside.

For someone with longer arms and a bigger frame, I think this would be a much snugger fit but it still looks and feels fine for those with a smaller sized frame as long as you don’t mind it a bit looser/baggy in fit.

Here are the measurements for Fighters Only Splatter Hoodie size Small

Size Small
Chest 22 inches
Length from nape of neck (back of hoodie) 26 inches
Sleeve length (shoulder to cuff) 24 inches


The Fighters Only Splatter Hoodie is made in Pakistan from 80% cotton/20% polyester. The fabric label on the inside neck advises to machine wash cold with like colours and to drip dry. Do not bleach or iron the embellishments.

Wearing the Hooodie

The Fighters Only Splatter Hoodie has served me well over the 3 years I’ve had it, wearing it almost daily, and only now do I have to look about throwing it away because of holes in the elbow, armpit and below the applique on the chest, the latter of which you may be able to see in the photo above.

As a lightweight hoodie, it has been ideal to wear in the spring, summer and autumn or whenever I just needed to wear something a bit lighter after training, around the house or whilst out and about. It looks brilliant with a pair of jeans and is comfortable to wear at all times.

I really like the attention to detail with the design of the hoodie. The splattereffect look suits the hoodie really well with the black contrasting the red base superbly, whilst the applique embroideries add that extra touch to give a more expensive and more thought-out feel. Extra detail is always a winner in my eyes and makes it stand out as a piece of apparel worth buying. Thought has even gone into the zipper. It could have easily have been a plain one but nope, they made it to replicate the diamond-shaped logo and it compliments the hoodie nicely. Even three years on, it’s still holding strong with no signs of breaking. A great, strong zipper made for a superb zip-fronted hoodie that has never seen any problems until this recent wear and tear down to age and because I’ve worn it so much!


I love this hoodie, I really do. It breaks my heart to see it with holes in now. It’s always been my “go-to” hoodie, even when those extra-long drawstrings have accidentally landed in my dinner at tea time. Yes, the drawstrings could be a bit shorter but if I could buy this hoodie again, I’d do so in a heartbeat. It’s exceptionally well made and great as a lightweight hoodie to wear casually whenever you feel like it. As a matter of fact, I’ve just spotted this hoodie is still for sale on Amazon. You know, I might just order myself a replacement!

A truly stellar piece of apparel, I highly recommend the Fighters Only Red Splatter Hoodie for anyone looking for a hoodie to wear whatever the occasion.

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