Simply Supplements L-Taurine 600mg Review


It’s important to replenish your amino acids after training and what better way than with supplements. Whilst you can ingest amino acids with BCAA powders and the like, you can also obtain specific amino acids in capsule form.

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Simply Supplements L-Taurine 600mg.

What is L-Taurine?

L-Taurine, or Taurine as it is most commonly known as, is an amino acid containing sulphur that can be found in meat, fish and milk and is often present in energy drinks. Taurine moves important nutrients in and out of the heart’s cells, improving functionality, as well as improving digestion and protein absorption. Taurine is said to improve mental focus and performance during training whilst promoting the maintenance of muscle. It’s also known to help protect the heart tissue and can be a useful amino acid for diabetics. Most commonly in the fitness market, Taurine is used as a dietary supplement to increase the metabolism and burn fat whilst improving protein synthesis, helping to maintain lean muscle mass.

Simply Supplements L-Taurine

simply-supplements-l-taurine-capsuleOnline nutrition store Simply Supplements stock tubs of 120 capsules of high strength L-Taurine 600mg. The capsules themselves are Simply Supplements’ exclusive EasyGest variety making them easy to swallow, absorb and digest. The capsules are white in colour and just over 2cm in length and 0.7mm in width.

The tub instructs to take 2-3 capsules a day and so I take one at breakfast, dinner and tea. The capsules are very easy to consume with no nasty aftertaste. They slide down your throat with a glass of water, no problem.

The capsules contain 600mg of L-Taurine, Gelatin (Titanium Dioxide) and Magnesium Stearate.

Effects of Simply Supplements L-Taurine

Whilst taking the L-Taurine capsules, I felt a lot fresher than I normally would do the days after training. This surprised me as I’d been training more than usual too. As sometimes you can never quite tell if supplements help or not, I decided to stop taking them for a few days to see if I felt different to how I did whilst taking the supplement. I felt rather sluggish when not taking the L-Taurine caps. It seems that when taking the capsules, my muscle recovery improved and I felt focused instead of tired. I also saw a noticable improvement in my digestion whilst taking the capsules, something which was absolutely down to the L-Taurine as when I stopped taking the capsules for a while, I saw my digestion return to its previous state.

From my experience taking this supplement, there seems to be no side effects whatsoever.

Overall Opinion

There seems to be a lot of benefits to taking the L-Taurine capsules from Simply Supplements. Physically I feel much better when I use them and to know the extra benefits which Taurine offers makes them an attractive supplement to keep taking long term. As I train quite often in Ju-Jitsu, which is a full body workout, L-Taurine capsules seem to be a perfect way to keep my body feeling fresh as well as keeping myself trim and strong in my chosen area of martial arts.

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