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At our ju-jitsu club, not only do we drill locks, takedowns and throws, but we do a great deal of grappling too. Due to our rough and rugged style which incorporates the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ground game, we wear gis that are up to the job: BJJ gis.

BJJ gis differ from many other gis due to their stiffer collars and tough construction which makes them incredibly hard to rip when training, something which we need when training Atemi Ju-Jitsu and grappling where our opponents attempt to grip and use our gi against us at every opportunity.

When it comes to BJJ gis, the Badbreed Brasileiro BJJ Gi is certainly one that catches the eye with its premium design and expensive looks.

The gi jacket is made from a strong yet soft and lightweight 550 gram cotton pearl weave, whilst the gi trousers are made from a ripstop fabric. Both the gi jacket and the pants feature red stitching and white and red embroidered logos and script.

Gi Design

Just on the jacket itself, there’s a wealth of design. On the left of the chest, running along the side of the collar, is white embroidered ‘Badbreed Chronicles of a Fighter’ script, and a red embroidered, large red circular logo on the upper of the left sleeve, which describes how the gi was made in torment. The right side of the gi jacket features a Badbreed 7 Sinner patch stitched to the shoulder, and a small Brazilian flag embroidered onto the upper of the right sleeve.

badbreed-brasileiro-bjj-gi-jacket-backIf you remember Badbreed’s previous outing, the 7 Sins gi, then you’ll recall how the back design was a bit fancy. Badbreed have toned down the design, whilst keeping it quite prominent in their latest gi, the Brasileiro. Starting from the back of the neck is a medium sized fleur-de-lis embroidered in white, followed by a large ‘Badbreed Chronicles of a Fighter’ embroired design in white below. This particular design takes up much of the upper back, and also features red embroidered script which reads ‘Jeitinho Brasileiro’. The word Jeitinho is said to mean “to find a way of doing doing things”, not always by the social norm. A rule breaker, if you will. I think that phrase really suits this gi, as I’ve never seen one quite like it.

Finishing off the bottom of the gi jacket on the back is a 7 Sins Legacy design embroidered in red and white, along with grey trim tape repeatedly bearing the Badbreed brand name. If you love embroidery rather than stitched on patches, this is definitely your type of gi. Patches can have a habit of coming unstitched over time and multiple washes, but embroidery, if done properly like this, is built to last and depicts a gi that has hard more time and effort put into it, that is why I personally love embroidery over patches.

Now we come to the gi trousers and such care and passion has been put into the design of these as they have the jacket. The right side of the upper leg features the embroidered red circular logo as seen on the jacket’s left sleeve, whilst the bottom of the left leg features the red and white embroired 7 Sins Legacy design. Moving onto the back of the gi pants, and there’s two designs to grab your attention – one on each leg. The back of the left leg features the names of the 7 sins in latin, embroidered in white, whilst the back of the right leg features Badbreed Chronicles of a Fighter script embroidered in white and red. As with the gi jacket, the pants are reinforced at the seams and knee area.

Phew, I hope you took all that in, because the Badbreed Brasileiro Black BJJ Gi really is a gi with such a wealth of design it’s hard to keep track. Did I mention the gi features an inbuilt, lycra rashguard lining with winged Chronicles of a Fighter logo print?

Gi Measurements and Fit

In this review, we tested the A2 size.

Jacket Measurements
  First Fit After Wash
Length from neck to hem 31 inches (33 including collar)  30 inches (32 inches including collar)
Chest (armpit to armpit) 25 inches  24 inches
Sleeve Length from collar shoulder 27.5 inches  26 inches
Wrist width 6.75 inches (13.5 inches circumference)  6.5 inches (13 inches circumference)
Trouser Measurements
Waist 42 inches (adjustable)  42 inches (adjustable)
Leg Length 39 inches  37 inches
Inside Leg Length 28 inches  28 inches
Leg Width Hem 9 inches (18 inches circumference)  9 inches (18 inches circumference)


Unfortunately, the gi was a bit too big to fit my 5’2″ stature so I begrudgingly let my fellow Shop4 Martial Artist and teammate Rob test the gi (once he managed to prise it from my iron grip).

With a height around 5′ 7″, the gi fits Rob rather well, though is a bit shorter on the sleeves than he would normally wear. The gi itself though fits Rob’s physique and stature well, with just the right amount of wrap over on the gi jacket as to not be too loose or too tight.

The gi pants fasten by a cotton twill drawstring that runs through the waist of the gi, allowing you to adjust the waist and get as tight a fit as you require.

One of the major plus points of the gi is the inbuilt rashguard which means you can choose to go bare skin under the gi without the need of wearing a rashguard, with the inbuilt one able to wick away the sweat as you roll. Very handy. If you like to compete in BJJ competitions, do be aware that some BJJ organisations do not allow gis with inbuilt rashguards to be worn at competitions, so either read the rules first or take a spare gi incase if you do decide to wear this one.


Rob shares his thoughts on wearing the gi during training:

The Badbreed Brasileiro BJJ gi is really comfortable when grappling, with a nice weight that is neither too heavy or light.  I can roll for two hours straight and still feel comfortable wearing it. I really like the detail and embroidery on the gi which sets it apart from others, especially the use of red and white on the black gi.

I like that I have the option to go without wearing a rashguard myself, with the gi’s inbuilt rashguard completely lining the inside of the jacket and right down the sleeves, falling just short of the wrist, which is useful in this hot summer we’re having. The gi seems really tough too and puts up a good resistance to lots of pulling and grabbing when we roll.

The gi pants are a good length and fasten tight around the waist. I’ve yet to lose the draw strings during a wash which has happened with my other gi, of a different brand, in the past.

This is a top gi. It feels good and fits well and looks awesome. Actually, it looks too nice to wear.

Overall Thoughts

The Badbreed Brasileiro is a very fine gi of premium quality to match the rest of the brand’s fight gear collection. For someone who likes a bit of decoration on their gi, the Brasileiro is an excellent choice, particularly considering it’s a hard-wearing pearl weave and features the inbuilt rashguard too.

A great all-rounder BJJ gi that does the job that’s asked of it.

Rating: ★★★★★

The Badbreed Brasileiro BJJ gi is available in sizes A1 to A4, in black or white.

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