Blitz Sport Rubber Training Gun Combat Firearm Review

Like the Blitz Sport Rubber Training Knife that I previously reviewed, this Blitz Sport Rubber Hand Gun is a perfect substitute for the real thing in martial arts self defence classes. As always against an enemy with any weapon, the first option is to run and escape, but for those times when you cannot escape, martial arts such as Krav Maga teach their students practical techniques in how to defend against and disarm an attacker.

This Rubber Combat Firearm is burnt orange in colour which makes it very noticeable from a distance that it is indeed a fake weapon. Yes, it might be obvious up close that it is nothing more than a rubber gun but the realistic shape and detail of the gun means that it could easily be mistaken for a real live weapon if coloured black.

Made in China and measuring 19cm long by 13.5cm high, the Blitz Sport Rubber Gun weighs a hefty 425 grams, that’s 1lb in weight! Unlike the rubber knife, this rubber gun is not bendy at all, with only a slight movement at the barrel if forced. Due to its realistic weight, care must be taken when using it in class as a student could easily be injured if not used safely. If you somehow manage to fall on this rubber gun, it will cause some discomfort and could cause serious injury if someone is hit with it. This, like all the weapons, training or not, are not toys and should be used with caution. The realistic weight is ideal for martial arts training purposes though, with students forced to practice accurate techniques in order to disarm the attacker. If it were a flimsy, light gun then it would be much simpler to disarm and would not be a suitable representatio,n should a student ever find themselves in a situation involving a firearm. Wrist techniques are the best to employ in the event of a firearm being used, with the disarmament being the primary objective to ensure personal safety and for those around you.

The shape and style of this rubber gun is quite accurate to a real handgun. The immense detail which has gone into the creation of this weapon is very impressive and worth noting. The gun features an embossed diamond grip handle to help retain grip of the gun when training. The gun is detailed with front and rear sight aim, safety and hammer, with the trigger being the only missing piece from this realistic training combat firearm.

I’ve never used a rubber gun before in training so I haven’t got anything to compare this Blitz Sport one to. However, I do know, from practicing with it for this review, that it’s a solid piece of kit that does exactly what it says on the tin. Its weight and firm grip makes it difficult to disarm your opponent, which helps you sharpen your technique and find out which moves work and which don’t.

Blitz Sport Rubber Gun Combat Firearm is available from Blitz Sport for £10.21

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