Submission Fight Co. American Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt Review


Do you train BJJ? If the answer is yes, then you’ll surely love to wear t-shirts adorned with slogans and artwork inspired by the grappling art.

Last month, I reviewed the Submission Fight Co. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt. I’m back to give my thoughts on the second of the two new bamboo t-shirts from Californian company, Submission Fight Company – the Submission Fight Co. American Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt.


submission-fc-american-jiu-jitsu-bamboo-t-shirtIf you’re looking for something bright and fresh, then the American Jiu Jitsu design on the white bamboo t-shirt is just the thing. Much like its Brazilian counterpart, the American Jiu Jitsu t-shirt features the stars and stripes of the American flag, albeit decorated with the Submission logo repeated throughout the vertical white stripes. The BJJ company have gone for a distressed look for the print which has been screen-printed onto the t-shirt fabric and still looks as strong after numerous washes. There’s no cracking or peeling of the print here, nor on any of the other t-shirts I’ve reviewed.

To match the blue, red and white colour scheme, AMERICAN is printed in capitals in navy blue above the design, and JIU – JITSU in red capitals below the design. Both colours match the tone of the colours used on the flag design. The font is sharp looking and really catches the eye, with the text also outlined in white so it stands out against the edge of the distressed flag design better.


The main highlight about this t-shirt, which is what will get everyone talking, is the bamboo content. Snuggly soft, both to touch and against the skin, you’ll be hard pressed to find a t-shirt fabric more comfier. When I say bamboo, the t-shirt is actually made from Rayon from Bamboo, as the bamboo itself goes through a chemical treatment process suitable for clothes which produces Rayon. You can read more about that over on Submission Fight Co.’s blog.

The American Jiu-Jitsu t-shirt is comprised of 70% Rayon from Bamboo and 30% Cotton. Lightweight and super soft, the fabric is high quality indeed and made in the USA. After several wears and washes, the fabric stayed just as soft and there were no pulls, bobbles or any other kind of imperfections which can appear on fabric.


The fit of the Submission Fight Co. American Jiu-Jitsu Bamboo T-shirt is a loose yet fitted one, on my body that is. I chose a Small size as I normally take a Small in unisex t-shirts and even though these are American sizes, I found it fit well and similar to the UK/EU size Small. It also happens to be the smallest size Submission Fight Co. make.

The sleeves of the t-shirt come to a nice length above the elbows and the body of the t-shirt is a longer fit, which I like. Far too often I get t-shirts which only just fit, then shrink in the wash and then expose my midriff to the world, giving me a draught along the way.

Speaking of washing, the fabric and washing instructions for the t-shirt are printed in blue on the inside neck of the tee, complete with blue and red Submission Fight Co. logo. They advise to wash cold, dry low so I followed their instructions and washed cold and hang dry or use the clothes horse depending on the weather outside. I much prefer the printed-onto-fabric instructions, which Submission Fight Co. have done, instead of  actual labels as the latter have a tendency to rub or itch. This t-shirt doesn’t have this problem.

As someone who’s 5’2″, 130lbs and usually wears ladies medium fitted tees (or size 12), the Small bamboo t-shirt seems a good fit, before and after washes.

Here’s the measurements for the Small American Jiu-Jitsu bamboo t-shirt.

Size Small Pre-Wash Post-Wash
Chest 19 inches 18 inches
Length from nape of neck (back of t-shirt) 28 inches 28 inches

Overall Opinion

Submission Fight Co. have produced a very high quality t-shirt from a fabric which people will fall in love with. Bamboo (Rayon from Bamboo) is not a common fabric, with most t-shirts made from cotton. The ultra softness of the bamboo will amaze and the eye-catching, American flag-inspired Jiu-Jitsu design is both stylish and bold to create a comfortable, desirable BJJ t-shirt.

The design bounces off the white t-shirt and is a great tee to wear at the gym, on the mat or out and about on the street. I always associate white t-shirts with hot weather so this is a great tee to bust out in the summer, sunshine or on your holidays or even to cheer you up in the winter!

Priced at $39.95 (£24.98), the American Jiu-Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt is around the right price for BJJ t-shirts, but the difference being is that this one is made from Rayon from Bamboo – a definite upgrade from your normal jersey cotton.

The Submission Fight Co. American Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt is available from

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