Submission Fight Co. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt Review


Not content with just supplying organic cotton and hemp t-shirts, Submission Fight Co. are back with another new fabric to get BJJ grappling enthusiasts salivating.

In this review, I’ll be checking out the Submission Fight Co. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt.

Submission Fight Co. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt Design

Submission Fight Co. like their simple but striking designs and this particular one is no different. The Brazilian flag practically goes hand in hand with BJJ due to the sport’s origin and the flag can be seen on most gis and BJJ designs. Submission Fight Co. have gone for a distressed look in their vertical Brazilian flag design whilst subtly embedding the Submission logo across the white band of the blue circle on the flag.  Above the flag is the word Brazilian in a sharp yellow font, whilst Jiu Jitsu is in green underneath the flag design. Both the text colours are the same shades used for the main design.


submission-fc-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-bamboo-t-shirtThe first time I’d ever come across bamboo was in childrens clothing so I knew what to expect from the new t-shirts from Submission Fight Co. and they did not disappoint. Though the t-shirt is 70% rayon  from bamboo and 30% organic cotton, the bamboo properties were just as I envisioned. Super soft is the only way of describing the bamboo BJJ t-shirt. It’s so soft against the skin and to the touch that you’ll be rubbing it against your skin and stroking it more than would be deemed sane. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself!

If given the choice of all three fabrics, bamboo would be at the top of my list just because it’s so soft. Even after washes, the chest print stays as high quality as it was out of the packet, with no fading, peeling or cracking, and the bamboo fabric just as soft without any bumps or plucks.


I chose the size Small of the Submission Fight Co. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Bamboo t-shirt as the sizes are unisex and I often take a ladies size 12 or medium for my 5’2″ height and 126lb weight. The Small fitted well in the Submission Fight Co. Hemp t-shirts, so I knew that the size would be suitable for me.

The t-shirt is a really nice fit, loose but not too baggy for my tastes. The sleeves come just above my elbows, which is what I class as a good fit for my size.

The washing instructions are screen printed inside of the neck, rather than having those itchy fabric labels, and it advises that you should wash the t-shirt cold. Well, I accidentally washed it at 40 degrees on first wash, but was super pleased to find the t-shirt came out fine. If you do dry in the tumble dryer, dry low, but I always dry mine on the line or on the maiden as they’re less likely to shrink that way.

Before washing and after the first wash, I took some measurements.

Size Small Pre-Wash Post-Wash
Chest 19 inches 18 inches
Length from nape of neck (back of t-shirt) 28 inches 28 inches


As you can see, there’s only minor shrinkage on the chest and the fit is still great, with the shrinkage working in favor of my petite size.

Overall Opinion

With a t-shirt so comfortable as this, what’s not to like? The t-shirt is clearly made to the highest of qualities in the USA and the print work is exceptional. The choice of the black t-shirt works really well with the vibrant colours of the Brazilian flag, allowing them to jump off the t-shirt.

Eye-catching and epitomising the BJJ style, this is one great looking t-shirt that you can wear down the gym, on the mat or casually day to day. A t-shirt this soft, you’ll not want to take it off. Trust me!

Priced at $39.95 (£24.98) like the Submission Fight Co. hemp t-shirts, the Bamboo BJJ t-shirt is well priced for the material which is used and is pretty much bang on the money for the cost of BJJ t-shirts in general.

The Submission Fight Co. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bamboo T-Shirt is available from

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