One of the most enjoyable activities when learning a martial art is the opportunity to spar with a partner. Being able to strike with contact helps you to develop your attack and defence techniques against a real person rather than a set of thai pads, strike shields or focus mitts.

However, in sparring, especially where punches to the head are involved, it is paramount that we protect ourselves from head injury, which is why you’ll find many boxing head guards on the market. There are two types of head guard available: open-face, which covers the head but leaves the face exposed; and full-face, which covers the head, chin and cheeks.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Full Face Head Guard

blitz-full-face-headguard-sideAfter reviewing the Blitz Sport Open-Face Headguard last week, there are many similarities between the two head guards. The CE Approved and Tested full face headguard is made from smooth leather that covers the head with the top created into a cross shape to allow air to flow and cool down the head when using the head guard. The Blitz full face head guard also features the finger-sized air holes on the side, around the ear.

Unlike the open-face, the full face head guard has a solid chin piece with padding at the front of the chin and the side of the headguard comes around to the face to protect cheeks from injury. The Blitz Pro Boxing Full Face head guard is suited for those who wish to train in boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or where there will be frequent head shots in sparring sessions. Whilst the open face headguard maybe efficient enough, the extra protection around the face that the full-face headguard provides makes it a suitable choice for those looking for that bit more protection around the face when training.

blitz-full-face-headguard-backThe Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Full Face Head Guard has less padding overall than the open face headguard, though is extra padded internally, particularly at the chin, cheeks and forehead where the user needs protection the most. The full-face head guard is quite a snug fit with the velcro, 3 part fastener at the back of the head providing an adjustable fit to cater for different head shapes. This adjuster is simple to use whilst wearing the head guard, meaning you don’t need assistance to help fasten it tightly.

A common issue with full-face over open face is visibility when wearing the head guard, but the Blitz Sport full face headguard is cut is such a way that it does not hinder visibility at all, enabling the user to spar with their training partner, protected and uneffected visually.

blitz-full-face-headguard-bagThe head guard has smooth, stitched and hemmed edges and is double stitched at prone stress points, providing a superb overall constructional finish to the head guard.

The design of the headguard remains simple, with BLITZ text on the forehead in white and the Blitz Sport lion logo at the back. The design stands out from the black of the head guard and though simple, is quite striking to the eye. The white text design is used on all the various colour ways of the head guard (except for pink), to provide a visible, iconic contrast that will stand out in the ring and dojo. The pink head guard is decorated with contrasting black text.

The full face head guard comes nicely packaged in a net carry bag with clear plastic front and hook loops to hang it up when not training. This is a nice alternative to the usual plain bag products can come in.

A head guard’s main purpose is to protect the head and so we put it to the test in the video above. Sensei Jonathan and purple belt Gary, of Leigh Ju Jitsu, both took punishment from 5th Dan, Sensei Alan, during sparring and training sessions to see if the Blitz Full Face head guard can live up to its purpose adequately. As you can see, both Sensei Jonathan and Gary took a fair amount of punches to head without being knocked down or stunned, allowing them to continue to take punishment from their sparring and training partner, Sensei Alan.


Made in Pakistan, the Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Full Face Head Guard is a superb choice of head guard for use in martial arts sparring, with enough protection to help prevent injury during intense training.

The full face head guards are available in black, red, blue and pink, in sizes medium and large.

Blitz Sport Pro Boxing Full-Face Headguards are available for £40.99 from Blitz Sport
Use our exclusive voucher code BLITZFT at checkout to get 10% off your order.

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