Four of Bruce Lee’s Greatest Films Releasing on Dual Format in UK on 26th October 2015

When it comes to martial arts cinema, one name stands above all others – Bruce Lee. Not only one of cinema’s most phenomenally talented physical performers, he also possessed a star aura that transcended cult status to make Bruce Lee one the great icons of pop culture.

Now, four of his greatest films are coming to dual DVD & Blu-ray on October 26th 2015 in the UK – The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon and Game of Death. All landmarks in the martial arts cinema and integral to the legend of Bruce Lee!


Bruce Lee’s first major role and the movie that made him a star across Asia. He plays a man who uncovers a drug smuggling ring after his cousins mysteriously disappear. With a brilliant performance from Lee, plus his incredible trademark fighting, it’s a true martial arts classic!

When Cheng Chao-an (Bruce Lee) travels to stay with extended family Thailand, he takes a job with his cousins in an ice factory. With the factory’s abusive foreman and gang violence within the town, he Cheng struggles to keep the oath he swore to his late mother – than he would never fight again. But when his cousins begin to disappear, Cheng unravels a dark secret in the factory and it’s just a matter of time before he breaks the oath…

Special features:
• Audio Commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Mike Leeder
• Audio Commentary with Bruce Lee expert Andrew Staton and Will Johnston
• “Breaking the West” Interview with Warner Bros executive and co-producer of “Enter the Dragon” “What Might Have Been” Interview with Tom Kuhn
• The History of The Big Boss: A photographic retrospective
• Original 35mm Title sequence
• Textless 35mm Title sequence
• Rare uncut 8mm trailer
• Promotional Gallery
• Deleted Scenes Examined
• Hong Kong promotional trailer
• Original Theatrical Trailer
• 24-page collector’s booklet
• Reversible sleeve within newly commissioned artwork




Bruce Lee’s second film in a leading role features groundbreaking martial arts action and an emotionally charged story about Chinese and Japanese racial tensions. An instant classic on release and still considered one of Lee’s greatest moments on-screen.

When martial arts master Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) returns to Shanghai to marry his fiancée, he discovers that his mentor has died mysteriously. At the funeral, Chen and his late master’s others students are taunted by members of a rival Japanese dojo, which kicks off a war between the Chinese and Japanese schools… and sets Chen on a mission to avenge the death of his master!

Special features:
• Audio commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Mike Leeder
• Audio commentary from Asian film expert Bey Logan The First Lady: an interview with Nora Miao Blade of
Fury: an interview with Riki Hashimoto Master of Bushido: an interview with Jun Katsumura The Fist of Fury
location guide with Bey Logan
• First Amongst Equals: an interview with the world’s number one Jeet Kune Do instructor, Sifu Dan Inosanto
• Legacy of a Master: an interview with acclaimed action-director, Jeff Imada
• Tracking the Dragon: an interview with Bruce Lee’s personal photographer Linda Palmer
• Friend to the Stars: an interview with Bruce Lee confidante, Joe Torreneuva
• Trailer gallery
• Rare photo archive
• 24- page collector’s booklet
• Reversible sleeve within newly commissioned artwork




The film that made Bruce Lee an icon and one of the biggest movie stars in the world. He plays a martial artist who travels to Italy to defend a relative’s restaurant from local gangsters. Though it’s as much a culture clash comedy as a martial arts film, it features some of Lee’s most famous action scenes.

When gangsters harass Chen (Nora Miao) and her uncle, they ask relatives in Hong Kong to send help to Rome and help defend their restaurant. Before long, expert fighter Tang Lung (Bruce Lee) arrives and leads the restaurant staff in an uprising against the gangsters.

But determined to take over the restaurant, the mob hires a deadly American sensei to destroy Tang in a climactic battle to the death!

Special features:
• Introduction: Robert Lee
• Introduction: Bey Logan
• Audio Commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Mike Leeder
• Audio Commentary by Bey Logan and co-star Jon Benn
• “A Dragon Remembered”: Interview with Bruce Lee’s brother Robert Lee
• “Double Edged Sword”: An exclusive interview with co-star and ‘Black Belt Hall of Fame’ championship fighter
Bob Wall
• Bruce Lee Trailer Archive including rare UK theatrical trailers and TV spots
• Inside “Way Of The Dragon” featuring interviews with production managers Chaplin Chang and Louis Sit
• “Memories of the Master” featurette: Bruce’s training partner (Pat Johnson) reveals fascinating anecdotes of
Bruce’s relationship with Chuck Norris and Steve McQueen
• “Dragon Rising”: a re-mastered transfer of Bruce Lee’s only remaining screentest
• “Artist and Warrior”: An exclusive interview with Bruce’s friend and co-star Tony Lau Wing
• “Warrior Immortal featurette” with co-star and Hapkido Grandmaster Wong In-sik sharing his thoughts on
Bruce Lee and his fighting art Jeet Kune Do
• Reflections on the “The Little Dragon” Promo
• Production Photo Gallery
• Rare Photo Archive (containing rare stills, posters and original lobby card artwork)
• 24 page Collectors booklet
• Reversible sleeve with newly commissioned artwork




The legendary martial arts film that was still unfinished at the time of its star and director Bruce Lee’s death.
Using a mixture of newly shot scenes and footage taken from earlier in Lee’s career, the film was given new life and became another martial arts classic

After rising to fame as a martial arts movie star, Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) refuses to be intimidated by a syndicate of racketeers – causing the syndicate’s boss Dr Land (Dean Jagger) to order Billy’s assassination.

When the attempt on his life leaves him in need of plastic surgery, Billy fakes his own death and hides away. But when the syndicate kidnaps his fiancée Ann (Colleen Camp) he’s forced to come out of hiding and take revenge on them one-by-one…

Special features:
• Audio commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan
• Audio Commentary With Hong Kong Film Expert Mike Leeder
• Five deleted scenes, including alternate title sequence and extended ending
• Production photo gallery
• Rare archive photo gallery
• Original UK and Cantonese Theatrical Trailers
• Featurette: Dan Inosanto – Warrior And Teacher
• Dan Inosanto Jeet Kune Do and other Asian methods of fighting seminar (40mins)
• Featurette: Taky Kimura – Keeping The Flame Alive
• Featurette: George Lazenby – Reflections Of The Master
• “Game of Death” outtake footage
• ‘Legacy of the Dragon’ documentary (46 mins)
• “Game of Death” re-visited (40 minutes of footage edited as a literal interpretation of Lee’s original plan)
• 24 page collector’s booklet
• Reversible sleeve with newly commissioned artwork

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