MCKG Launch Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission BJJ in Wigan

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Mel Corrigan’s Kali Group, often referred to in its abbreviated format as MCKG, have launched Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission BJJ at their gym in Wigan.

Devised by Shooto champion, submission specialist and 5th degree black belt, Erik Paulson, Combat Submission Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a different kind of BJJ than what most folks are used to. Like his Combat Submission Wrestling system, CSBJJ is a blend not just of BJJ but other arts such as catch wrestling, all of which have been carried over to the gi to give students the edge over their more traditional Gracie Jiu-Jitsu counterparts.

Erik Paulson isn’t just some guy putting his own spin and name to a BJJ style though. Paulson himself comes with an impressive pedigree having trained with Rickson, Royce and Rorion Gracie in BJJ during the 1980’s before studying under Rigan Machado with whom he has gained, to date, his 5th degree black belt. To say that Paulson is one of the most knowledgeable minds in martial arts in the world is an understatement, as many who have trained with or studied under him will attest to.

Mel Corrigan, the head instructor at MCKG, is a level 2 instructor under Erik Paulson and is known for his successful CSW classes with many of his students having also excelled in competition. With the background in CSW already, the CSBJJ program had been hotly anticipated by existing students and non-students alike.

The first CSBJJ class held at the MCKG gym was a deviation from the norm. Grip control, cross collar chokes and throws were on the menu – the latter of which is something which I’ve never seen before at a fundamental or beginner BJJ class. Throws in general are something that seems to be missing from other BJJ gym’s arsenals but here they were, on display and in practice at the very first lesson of Combat Submission BJJ in Wigan.

With swift execution and effective, efficient use of technique that flows, CSBJJ follows the Jeet Kune Do mantra of use what works and ditch what doesn’t, or to put it more eloquently, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own”.

CSBJJ classes are held at MCKG at 43a York Street, Wigan every Thursday night at 8.15pm.

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