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I’m sure we’ve all been there: you’re about to go training but you know it’s going to be hard work for one reason or another. I always train hard at every Ju-Jitsu lesson I take part in but I know that if I’ve been training for a few days on the trot and then decide to go do some afternoon sparring with my Sensei and a couple of fellow students for two hours, I’m gonna be struggling to get through and not tire out before it’s over. I know this because for the past few weeks I’ve been doing just that: grappling for 45 mins, stand up sparring for 45mins and then a session of technique. It’s fantastic exercise but if I’ve been training the days leading up to it and not recovered, I can sometimes feel shattered. In the Myprotein Combat Bundle I’ve been reviewing, there exists a supplement called Maltodextrin which serves as an energy boosting drink when mixed with liquid. Keen to see if it would do the trick with my weekend tiredness, I decided to put it to the test in my review of Myprotein Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin and its Texture

When it comes to supplements, I’m always a bit sceptical. I do question whether or not they do what they say on the tin. Myprotein describe Maltodextrin as a complex carbohydrate that is the perfect source of fast-releasing energy should you require to top up your used glycogen levels.

myprotein-maltodextrin-powderI’m someone who has a weird affinity with sugar. I’m not diabetic but I do go into slumps, moods and general unwellness if I’m lacking sugar. As a rule, something sugary like a can of Pepsi or a chocolate biscuit does me the world of good if I’ve been lacking something sweet during the day. After reading Maltodextrin’s purpose in the supplement division, I was pretty impressed that this could indeed work for me, particularly with my seeminglu dependency on sugar.

Opening the resealable 1kg pouch of Maltodextrin, you’re greeted by a sea of fine white powder, almost of the appearance of sugar granules, albeit miniscule. There’s no scent to the Maltodextrin powder unlike other supplements I’ve reviewed.

Within the pouch is a 30g large scoop, which if you’re lucky will be sitting somewhere near the top. On the back of the pouch there’s a label where Myprotein suggest to use 1 and a third large scoops (totalling 50g) of Myprotein Maltodextrin powder to any amount of water or fruit juice of choice. I quite like drinking water rather than juice when training in Ju Jitsu, so I filled a shaker bottle almost full with water and added the recommended dosage of the fine white powder.

Whilst pouring the powder into the water in my shaker bottle, the powder began to dissolve with ease. Screwing on the top and giving a quick shake dissolved the mixture completely and I was left with only a slightly cloudier version of my original shaker of water.  Opening the shaker, I could definitely smell a difference to my drink, though it was ever so subtle. The liquid itself was pretty transclucent too.

Taste and Effect

With the unflavoured Myprotein Maltodextrin dissolved effortlessly into the shaker of water, I didn’t know quite what to expect with the taste but was pleasantly surprised. Indeed, there’s no real flavour to the drink except for a subtle sweet sensation. Besides from that, it wasn’t too different from drinking water. Being so pleasant on the tastebuds meant for easier consumption as I’ll be first one to say I’m not keen on taking a certain supplement if it tastes foul, but with Myprotein this isn’t the case.

myprotein-maltodextrin-mixtureMyprotein suggest that Maltodextrin can be used pre-workout, during workout and post-workout, but I knew that I’d be needing it during the workout – particualrly my intense sparring and rolling session with blokes bigger than my 5’2″ stature and in some cases, almost double my weight. It’s hard, enjoyable work and an extra push during the session would be most welcomed.

I took the Maltodextrin shaker with me to the martial arts session and I had a gulp of the mixture around every 15 minutes. I could tell that I was buzzing way on some sort of energy level I’d never been on before with our previous sessions. Rolling for 45 mins with the guys, who do not give you an easy time, can be quite draining when you have to spar afterwards, but I could keep up the pace and kept pushing my classmates. When it came to stand-up sparring, complete with shin guards, MMA hybrid gloves and gum shields, I was bouncing and keeping quite light on my feet, ready to take on any strikes that came my way as well as deliver a few of my own. I knew my cardio had improved, as well as technique, but I felt as fresh as a daisy, where previous sessions I’d been feeling the onset of tiredness and energy depletion. Even after several rounds, I was there, still raring to go. No doubt about it, the Maltodextrin powder was definitely keeping my energy levels up, just where I needed them, to get through and get the most out of my Ju-Jitsu session.

Maltodetrin Ingredients and Nutritional Value

What’s in Myprotein Maltodextrin? The answer is 100% Maltodextrin, nothing more, nothing less. Per serving, using 50g of Myprotein Maltodextrin as advised, 190.0Cal of energy is provided with 47g of carbohydrates, and trace protein and fat. The High GI complex carbohydrate, sourced from corn starch, causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly, delivering that fast releasing energy when you need it most, which in my case is during the workout.

The facility, in which Myprotein Maltodextrin is produced, also handles milk, egg, soya, gluten, crustaceans and products thereof, so if you do happen to have an allergy to any of those products, you might want to rethink.

As far as shelf life goes, Maltodextrin is pretty decent at just shy of 24 motnhs from the date of manufacture. This is plenty of time to use the powder, which you may find yourself using more often to get you through your energy slumps.

Overall Opinion

For anyone who is into sports or fitness where they may encounter an energy dip, such as martial arts, running, cycling, football, tennis or other energy expending recreational activites, Myprotein Maltodextrin can provide that energy rush you need and at such a low price too. It costs a measly £3.79 for a 1kg resealable pouch of Maltodextrin from Myprotein’s online shop, which is ridiculously cheap, especially when you bear in mind the price of energy drinks manufactured by the bottle which probably have just the same effect as this. A 1kg pouch will see you through 20 drink servings rather than the 1 or 2 bottles of energy drink you can buy on the market. Of course, if you purchase large pouches of Maltodextrin, it does work out even cheaper still.

Whatever exercise you plan on doing, Myprotein Maltodextrin is a fantastic, tasty energy booster, giving you a much needed kick whilst training.

Rating: ★★★★★

Myprotein Maltodextrin is available in unflavoured only and in pouch sizes 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg pouches, starting from £3.79 for 1kg pouch.

Make sure to check out our MyProtein voucher code page to see if there’s any discounts, offers or freebies before purchasing.

Myprotein Maltodextrin 1kg is also part of the Myprotein Combat Bundle


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