Top 5 Best Selling Supplements at Bodybuilding Warehouse


Ever wondered what sports supplements to try out or get your hands on? British supplement brand and online store Bodybuilding Warehouse sell a wide range of supplements daily and it’s interesting to see what their top five best-selling supplements are.

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80

A staple item in any supplement lover’s basket, whey protein powder is one of the best ways to intake protein to repair and grow the muscles after training. The Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 concentrated whey protein powder contains 19g protein per 25g serving and is available in a huge amount of flavours for a £1 extra on topof the unflavoured price. Butterscotch, Jaffa Cake or Smores flavour, anyone? The protein powder pouches start at £8.99 for an unflavoured 500g pouch (£9.99 for flavoured) and go up to 5kg sizes. Ideal to be used as a shake or used in cooking.

Premium Protein Flapjacks

Feeling peckish but don’t want to grab a chocolate bar from the vending machine? Then the Premium Protein Flapjacks are just the thing. Available in Blueberry Yoghurt, Chocolate Macaroon, Chocolate Pecan, Honey Berry and Toffee Apple, with 18g of protein per bar and 35g of slow burning carbs, these flapjacks are a great alternative, tasty snack at just £17.99 for a box of 24 – that works out at 75p per bar!

Performance Protein V2

Looking for an advanced protein blend? Then Performance Protein V2 is just the thing! Containing fast, medium and slow releasing proteins, the powder is ideal to consume whatever time of day, be it breakfast, between meals or after training. Available in 10 different flavours, the Performance Protein V2 starts from £8.99 for a 500g pouch.

Premium Protein Pancakes

It doesn’t have to be Shrove Tuesday to enjoy a pancake. What better way to kick breakfast off with a plate of Premium Protein Pancakes. This pancake mix contains a 50/50 mix of fast acting whey and slow digesting casein to give the best of both worlds. With 22g of protein per serving and a selection of flavours including original, there’s no better way to treat yourself to a delicious plate of pancakes anytime of the day.

Performance Charge

Everyone needs a little kick sometime and Bodybuilding Warehouse’s Performance Charge pre-workout formula is ideal for when you wanna hit the gym and push out those extra reps. With 275mg of caffeine per serving to increase alertness, 750mg of creatine nitrate to increase performance during high intensity reps and 25mg of Vitamin B6 to combat fatigue, this pre-workout is a bargain at £19.99 for 40 servings.

With free UK delivery on orders over £49 and a rewards programme ‘Protein Pounds’ for referring new customers, making purchases and writing reviews, Bodybuilding Warehouse is one of the most popular supplement e-stores in the UK.

All prices stated are correct as of 30th September 2015.

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