Top Kit and Brands in MMA


Whilst the sport of mixed martial arts may be one of the most raw and primal activities currently out there, there are huge number of ways in which MMA athletes can improve their game.

And with the sport’s tournaments gaining an evermore-impressive profile around the world, several key sponsors have also entered the fray. So here are some of the top equipment and brands you’ll need to get familiar with if you want to get involved in the rapidly-growing sport of mixed martial arts.


Kit opportunities

Despite top MMA stars like Brendan Schaub deciding not to fight in the controversial new Reebok kit, for most of us, getting the basic MMA kit together is a little more simple.

Respected brands such as Adidas manufacture grappling gloves that utilise special EVA foam padding to stop too much damage occurring to a fighter’s hands. And the popular Californian sportswear brand Bad Boy has made real inroads into the MMA world due to early sponsorship deals with legendary stars such as Rickson Grace. The ability of MMA stars to gain a huge degree of attention on sporting sites such as mean that these sporting brands will make every effort to maximise their appeal to the athletes in the hope of increased exposure to the broader fan market.

An athlete’s choice of footwear is incredibly important in this sporting arena and must also be treated with a great deal of consideration. Brands such as Lonsdale and T Sport offer a good choice of sparring boots that will be well-suited to handle the rigours of the ring, and provide you with adequate support no matter how intense the competition.


Equipment priorities

Of course, your kit isn’t going to matter unless you’re trained properly for the main event. And there’s a whole range of specialist training equipment to help you get in shape.

As one of MMA’s more popular brands, Venum has diversified its range of goods to include an array of training equipment including jump ropes, punch bags, and kick shields. Until recently, the brand enjoyed a close-knit relationship with star fighter Jose Aldo, but with the kit controversy still raging it seems that this relationship could be in jeopardy.



And as for the supplements that are the secret weapon of many MMA fighters, there’s a huge range of aminos, BCAAs, and creatines that can provide an array of benefits from delivering extra energy to increasing muscle mass.

Whilst the likes of Junior dos Santos can provide an important lesson in not overusing such supplements, by carefully controlling your diet and your intake of these substances, you can become a better all-round-athlete and improve your MMA fighting game.

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