Furocity Energy Drink

Furocity Energy Drink Review

When he’s not knocking out competitors in the ring, British boxing champion Tyson Fury is launching energy drinks as his very own brand FUROCITY enters Iceland and Food Warehouse stores across the UK. Unlike my […]

Best MMA Gyms in the World

Best MMA Gyms In The World

Mixed martial arts is a sport that continues to grow and attract new interest, be it from fans or future fighters. Blending stand-up striking, wrestling and ground fighting, MMA is one of the most exciting […]

Why is BJJ So Expensive
Martial Arts Views

Why Is BJJ So Expensive?

If you’ve noticed, BJJ schools seem to charge a heck of a lot more than other martial arts clubs, but why is that? How much does BJJ training cost? How much Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu costs all […]